Former British politician Bloom (70) makes first bitcoin purchase

It remains fun to read about people from the ‚old‘ financial world who came out of bitcoin. Yesterday it was time again. Godfrey Bloom, a 70-year-old former politician from the UK, reported his first bitcoin purchase on Twitter.

He said he already had enough gold and silver, but since this week Bloom also has bitcoin in his portfolio.
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Bloom likes to learn more about bitcoin

The experienced former politician likes to learn more about Bitcoin Code and invites prominent people to come and talk about it on his YouTube channel with 13 thousand subscribers. Earlier Bloom said he kept 65% of his portfolio in gold, 8% in silver and the rest in real estate.

Now bitcoin has been added as well. Although it’s probably a small investment at first, it’s nice to see that Bloom takes bitcoin seriously.

The fact that Bloom came out with bitcoin should not come as a complete surprise. In 2013 he called the financial system as an MEP one big scam. According to Bloom, fractional banking is criminal and a danger to the entire economy.

„Once the banks are bankrupt, it is the taxpayers who have to pay for it. Until we send central bankers and politicians who support this to jail, the taxpayer will be the victim of this system“. said Bloom.

Nice development for bitcoin

Things have been going well with bitcoin the last couple of months. After the bold move of MicroStrategy in August and the statements of the world famous Paul Tudor Jones, we now have a former MEP with Godfrey Bloom making his first bitcoin purchase.

Although Bloom hasn’t unexpectedly ended up with bitcoin considering his background, it is nice to see that he takes it seriously. A few years ago this was in any case unthinkable.

More and more people are starting to realize that bitcoin will not just disappear. For example, 2020 for bitcoin might just get a very nice tail.